Colorado, and the West

In 2016 I went to colorado twice, once inside the White River National Forest and surrounding areas, while then venturing over to Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Later in 2016 I visited a friend in Fort Collins, CO. I was there for a weekend and went on an overnight hike in Rocky.


May - Colorado

I'm starting out on living in a van fulltime and will be spending May in Colorado. A few of the spots that I stayed at are listed below.

Cunningham Lake is a surprising nice place for an rv campground.

Outside of Buena Vista, CO there is the Harvard Lakes Trail which is part of the Collegiate Peaks. [Pictures]

Cottonwood Lake, CO nearby to Buena Vista, CO is tucked away in the San Isabel National Forest and offers a beautiful lake (for day use -- fishing) and dispursed camping a few miles past the lake.

June - Wisconsion, Indiana, and back to Iowa

The first part of June I was with Stockpot Kitchen in Madison, WI after meeting them in a Illinois parking lot. They're a traveling free food kitchen that serves hungry people across the country with donated food.

We visited a friend in Indiana for a week. It was great to relax in a new city, but I've been itching to get back into the wild.

For a week in June I'm back in Iowa for a friends wedding. After that It'll be traveling to Oregon, Washington and more of the West.